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Updated November 18, 2014

All the 2015 news from the Swiss domains


Domain .swiss

Websites with a".swiss" domain extension will be available during the year.
A website has been set up to present this new extension:
To be eligible for registration of a".swiss" you must either be domiciled in Switzerland or have a special link with the country.
According to the Federal Council, this new extension will serve and promote Switzerland's cultural interests: Applications will be made directly to Ofcom, which will be the registry for the".swiss" extension.
The Confederation has been mandated by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for the Assignment of Domain Names and Numbers) to manage the".swiss" extensions


The second new feature in 2015 will be the separation of the SWITCH Foundation's functions as registry (administration of the website database) and registrar (marketing of".swiss" and".ch" domain names). SWITCH was responsible for managing domain names under the".ch" top-level country domain until 31 March 2015. This has allowed him to wear a double hat for many years. In addition, the SWITCH Foundation manages the sale of".ch" and".li" domains for "wholesalers", but also the direct sale to private individuals.
This Swiss specificity will simply be removed following the changes adopted by the Federal Council at the beginning of November concerning the new ODI (Ordinance on Internet Domains).
Thus, Switch will no longer domains, so you will have to migrate domains to another provider.
The new registry mandate will soon be put out to tender, thus contributing to the liberalisation of this sector, which is an expression of the willingness of the Swiss authorities to adapt to the globally dominant model.
Letters with the transfer procedure will be sent to SWITCH customers three months before the end of their subscription, from mid-January 2015 until autumn 2016, when the foundation should no longer manage customers.

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