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Swiss ProtonMail messaging


ProtonMail: An adventure that begins at CERN, funded by a crowdfunding campaign valued at several million dollars, now reaches more than half a million members gathered around a fabulous project.

It allows the exchange of secure emails, including with contacts who do not use the service of the Swiss firm. This easy-to-use tool allows these users to send an email to another email address, while including encryption and decryption via a simple password.

Messaging, often referred to as "anti-NSA", caused a lot of ink to flow late last year. The company had paid hackers, paralyzing email with massive DDoS attacks. Not having been stopped in time, a second group of pirates took over! ProtonMail bitterly regretted giving in to hacker blackmail.

The system is currently available in three offers, including one free of charge:

- ProtonMail Free: 500 MB of space, address in, 150 messages per day (free)

- ProtonMail Plus : 5GB of space, 5 addresses with your own domain name, 1000 Messages per day (5.- per month or 48.- per year)

- ProtonMail Visionary: 20GB of space, 50 addresses that can be associated with 10 different domains, unlimited messages (30.- per month or 288.- per year)

The free offer will be sufficient for most users. Nevertheless, in order to support the vision and perpetuate the project, making a donation with your Paypal or Bitcoin account, for cryptomoney enthusiasts, would be a strong support!

In a world where spy scandals and the infringement of our freedoms by states and companies are intensifying, ProtonMail's service is clearly not finished. This is the approach that ProtonMail seems to defend. When to host in Switzerland, to be subject to national legislation, and especially to be difficult to reach by the American and European courts, are the new assets of digital technology. Will Switzerland be the future "digital paradise" of the web?

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