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Top 3 Swiss Wordpress hosts 2019


Top 3 Swiss hosts for Wordpress

Which WordPress Switzerland host should you choose for your website? Follow the guide, we have selected 3 Swiss hosts offering WordPress CMS in their hosting solutions.

Whether you are starting out on the Internet with a blog, a showcase site for your company or you are looking to set up a secure e-shop, CMS are tools that allow you, with a minimum of computer knowledge, to create a site and administer a website quickly and easily.

Among the most famous CMS, one of them stands out and is the most used in the world, we have named the famous "WordPress", CMS simple to access but also very powerful, which can be installed in a few clicks at the Swiss hosting companies that we have selected below.

When choosing your WordPress host, how do you make your choice? On what criteria? We have done this analysis work for you and gathered 3 Swiss WordPress hosts in our top that are significantly different from each other and can meet most WordPress website hosting needs.

#1 : Infomaniak the historical Swiss host

logo Infomaniak

Based in Geneva with more than 150,000 hosted sites, owner of several datacenters in Switzerland, Infomaniak is a safe bet. With more than 25 years of existence, Infomaniak is one of the oldest Swiss hosting companies, and the company stands out for its social and environmental commitments. Wordpress is perfectly integrated into their hosting offers with the added bonus of access to more than 100 premium "Elegant ThemesĀ®" themes. The range of products and services offered by Infomaniak is just impressive, you can easily complete your presence on the web with for example: an email offer, WorkSpace tools or Infomaniak's Newsletter solution.


From CHF 10.68 / month

#2 : AlpHosting the outsider

logo alphosting

AlpHosting is an efficient and really cheap hosting provider, special mention for ultra-reactive support. The simplicity of their interface and the great clarity of their WordPress hosting offers naturally grant a place in this top 3 of Swiss WordPress hosting providers. PHP servers specially configured to avoid WordPress "Fatal Error" and a managed WordPress maintenance solution for plugin and theme updates make AlpHosting one of the best WordPress hosts in Switzerland. Also noted the possibility of choosing up to 12 additional countries to host your WordPress site thanks to the "GeoHosting" offer, which is an interesting feature for international companies wishing to be as close as possible to their customers.


From CHF 4.60 / month

#3 : Hidora flexible cloud hosting

logo hidora

Hidora is a Swiss hosting company that perfectly complements our top 3 Wordpress hosting providers. Specialized in the cloud (PaaS) with "pay for what you use" rates and offering a high-performance infrastructure based in Switzerland, Hidora is particularly attractive for sites or applications that can generate peaks in terms of resource utilization. With these "auto-scalability" features you don't need to worry about the capabilities of your Wordpress hosting. Such flexibility is rarely offered without the need for a dedicated infrastructure, which is often very expensive. This makes Hidora a very interesting choice for Wordpress sites with irregular traffic without the need to go through a solution like Amazon Cloud which will not offer security for your data from 100% Swiss hosting..


From CHF 2.20 / month

To conclude, whether you use WordPress to create a small showcase site for your business, a blog, an online store or a website for an event with a high traffic wave you probably have the hosting provider that suits your needs above. Infomaniak mastodon Switzerland, a sure value for hosting your WordPress site, AlpHosting the very cheap outsider who has nothing to envy to the biggest in the industry and Hidora the ideal Cloud specialist to manage projects with large peaks of visitors without affecting the availability and response time of your WordPress site.

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