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Updated November 11, 2014

ICANN says no to Google's dotless domain


Domain names with no apparent extension, also called dotless. Google's wish, which ICANN is frustrating. There will therefore be no Domain like "http://search", "http://blog", "http://cloud". Google had made the proposal to ICANN, which answers no for several reasons, mainly related to security.

ICANN relies on several reports and expertise, including the powerful Internet Architecture Board group of the IETF, which explain various security issues and confusion with some existing systems. Thus, dotless domains present the risk of conflicting with intranet addresses (local networks) and files placed locally

As a reminder, Google's ambition for the"" dotless domain name" (domain name without point orNDSP) "http://search/" was to offer a large platform dedicated to the different search engines on the planet

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